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to a final weekend with the polls nationally showing a dead heat and in the swing states a slide advantage for president obama. >> obviously it's all happening, the theater of it is happening in the crucial states. the governor is in wisconsin today. as we can see, the president in ohio. you look at the top of drudge, john, and it's all about the complications of the recovery, the gas lines, the frustration. how much vulnerability does that leave the president even though he may appear to be acting presidential? >> reporter: i don't think very much at all. if any at all. because, first of all, the complications are occurring in states that the president is going to win easily. that's new jersey, new york, connecticut, for example, and, secondly, i don't think anybody is blaming the president for any of those complications. certainly chris christie, the keynote speaker at the republican convention this year, is not blaming the president. to the contrary, he's praising the president's leadership. that's an asset for president obama. i don't know how big of an asset. i wouldn't expect it to c
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1